Advantages of Using A Key Card Door Lock System

With its exceptional simplicity and usefulness, key card technology gives any organization a contemporary edge. These key card door lock systems function by turning on the swipe keys at a single central PC or laptop and setting up the individual keys to open certain doors, so each unique key card can be given a separate set of access permissions.

Why You Should Use a Key Card Door Lock System

Since there are many advantages to employing card access door locks in your organization, we have selected the top eight to help you decide:

  1. A key card door lock system is rather simple to establish throughout your organization, and once you have it, you have it. You will save a lot of money on key cutting for new staff members if you use electronic key cards instead of traditional locks because they don’t need to be maintained like traditional locks do. If different rooms have different access, you will also need to give staff members multiple keys or a number of master keys, which can add up quickly.
  2. You can be very sure that no one will make a copy of your key card. It is far more challenging for an intruder to copy a key card with card access systems.
  3. You can open up or totally lock down your facilities, Sometimes all you want to do is lock the doors for a while; there may be instances when you need to open a building, for example, for cleaning. With a card access system that is electronic, that is simple. You can simply set a time limit on the system’s access permissions, and the doors will fully unlock on their own.
  4. Your locks cannot be picked as easily as they could be with a traditional key.We already mentioned that making copies is more difficult. Given that there is no manual lock to open, lock picking is unquestionably much more challenging.
  5. It’s Possible to Keep Track of Who Goes in and out of your building Key Card door lock networks have the technology to provide reports that show which person or visitors accessed which room and in situations when you would need to know exactly who has entered a specific room and when.
  6. Without asking for the key back, you can always refuse access for a key you gave out. Changing a lock is frequently more practical than a key. Changes to locks in electronic access systems just take a little time to make and don’t cost any money.
  7. Key card systems relieve everyone of the effort of remembering a number. Keep your card on you at all times, and you should be fine.
  8. Coupled with so many other reasons why we should use a key card it offers additional security for visitors. When swipe keys are missing or stolen, you can Instantly disable them because key card readers cannot be picked like most traditional locks can.


There are so many other reasons why we should use a key card lock. But these reasons alone are good enough and they’re extremely safe for use. The last thing you want to compromise on, is the security of your home or office.



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